Thank You!

I am sure you have heard these sayings before, "It takes a village" or "No man is an island."  It is important for me to acknowledge all those indivduals who have been so supportive in assisting me with creating this website.  Below is a list of everyone who had a part in making this such a success.  If you ever want to get in touch with any of them to assist you, let me know and I will connect you with them. They are all amazing in their own right!

                                                             Page Layout Assistance:    David Bittner

                                                          Online Marketing Expert:    John Caligiuri

                                                          Copy Editor/Page Layout:   Teresa Sharp Donaldson

     Photo Header on all pages/Buffalo Finest Photos Page:    Ellen Duggan Spangenthal


Networking Opportunities:    Special thank you to all the companies who have graciously allowed their links on my website.   Please check out the Networking page.  


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