May - The Month of College Graduations

Soon to be College Graduates

🎓 Graduation is right around the corner. Students all across the country are focusing in on finishing their last semester strong before graduation.

But how many are thinking about what they can do in the next few months leading up to their graduation that can benefit their entry into their chosen career field?

Here are a few of the items that I strongly recommend college students focus on before they graduate.

🎓 Take one more look at your resume. Have you included all your volunteering, research, internships, relevant projects, clubs or association involvement on your resume?

🎓 Make sure you have an all-star status on your LinkedIn profile (meaning you have completed all the necessary sections on your profile page)

🎓 Create a target list of companies that you have researched that you would love to work for

🎓 Follow those targeted companies on LinkedIn

🎓 Connect on LinkedIn with a couple of the professionals that work in the area that you are most interested in at those targeted companies

🎓 Post about things that have to do with your career area on LinkedIn. Things such as articles you found interesting, clubs that you belong to, seminars or workshops that you attended and what you learned

🎓 Like, share and comment on things that you find interesting about those targeted companies.

If you know a college student getting ready to graduate in May please share this with them. As a community, we need to help them prepare for one of their biggest events of their lifetime – college graduation! 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

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