College, Careers, and In Between - Three Part Series

In life, there are many important stages when it comes to finding who you are, becoming an adult, and starting your first career. All, of which, pave the way to the beginning of the rest of your life. Each of these stages are so valuable, that if many people knew then what they learned through time and experience, it could have helped them out along the way.

There are things that you just don't know, and will never know, until you get to a certain point in your life and see for yourself. But it does not hurt to stop and learn the experiences of others and get advice to help create the smoothest path. Others can benefit from the experiences of their elders and learn from their mistakes as well.

These most critical stages have been pinpointed to three parts: graduating high school, graduating college, and starting out in the working world.

Graduating high school is important because you say goodbye to the kids you grew up with, and some that you went to school with for 13 years. Graduating high school symbolizes the end of childhood and the beginning of becoming an adult and who you want to be. This is a most critical moment in deciding the person you want to become, your college major and an idea of how you want your life and career to play out.

Graduating college is another important step because, at this point, your possibilities and potential future paths have been studied and narrowed into finally finding your major and the career path you are ready to pursue. Graduating college shows that you are ready to begin adult life and move into the working world. It's about finding your place and deciding what to do with it.

Finally, starting your first career and being out of college is another important stage in someone’s life. This is where everything you have learned in K-12 and college comes into real world application. This is where adult working life officially begins.

This blog is a three-part Q&A, interviewing people at three different stages of their lives. This is to show college and career readiness, and to give advice to those in their position. If anyone reading is at the same points in their lives, these experiences and advice can be valuable to you as well. Everyone is different, and everyone’s experience is different. It is interesting to see the different types of people and how their lives have played out and what their ambitions are. The purpose of this blog is to learn from others at three different stages of life.

Part 1, of this three-part series, is about the thoughts of four high school seniors and their feelings about going into college. Part 2 interviews college seniors who are just about to graduate from college, their plans for after they graduate, thoughts about working world, and advice they would give to people just starting college. Part 3 is an interview with someone who has been out of college for two years, their experiences and opportunities since graduating, how college has helped them, and advice they would give to people graduating college. We hope you enjoy reading this 3 part series over the course of the next few weeks.

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