Frustrations of a Job Seeker

How many of you can relate? Sending out your resume to numerous companies who have posted jobs but never hearing a word back, not even an automated response. Week after week, month after month until you realize that you haven't moved a foot forward in your job search since you began on this new journey. Feeling defeated? Not sure what you are doing wrong? Not really sure what you could do differently?

Unfortunately, this is the response Sharp Human Resources has been hearing from job seekers more often than not these days. Are there really things that job seekers can do to improve their odds?

Everyone needs a little inspiration from time to time. Yes, there are things that job seekers can do to improve their odds of finding that dream job. They

need to take a step back and take a different approach to this thing called job hunting.


Here are three things that all job seekers can do to improve their odds of being noticed.

1. Build up your LinkedIn profile

Make sure that everything you have done professionally is represented on your LinkedIn page. Fill in all the categories that LinkedIn provides that you can. Make sure that your LinkedIn page is complete before you start to connect with people. The reason is because when you invite someone to connect with you more often than not they will look at your page before they decide to connect. First impressions are key and you want to look your best at that initial contact.

2. Research companies that you want to work at

You know what you are looking for, you have been working in your chosen field enough to have seen the things that appeal to you and the things that you don't care to be a part of again. You have your finger on the pulse of your industry and you have heard about companies that seem to have it together.

Now is the time to research those companies, find out everything you can about their company culture, company values, and the stability of their organization.

Check them out on Glassdoor, see what their employees and former employees have to say about working for the organization. Check out their company website and see what types of things they share on it.

Learn about the executives and management teams on LinkedIn. See who works for them and the groups that they belong to. Maybe you have some connections already. Follow the companies that you are serious about working for on LinkedIn.

3. Network, Network, Network

There are so many ways these days to network. Join LinkedIn groups that pertain to your industry and/or your chosen field. In your community, find networking groups that fit your interests. Volunteer with local community organizations and join boards. Connect with like minded individuals who may work for the organizations that you have heard great things about. Talk to family and friends and let them know you are interested in new opportunities. Widen your circle and never turn down an opportunity to meet new people.


The toughest part of job hunting is not letting yourself get frustrated. Always keep a positive attitude and tweak your search every now and again to keep you and your search fresh. It is truly a job in itself to find a new opportunity so pace yourself, be creative, but most importantly, don't give up! #sharphumanresources, #don'tgiveup, #jobsearchfrustrations, #network, #frustrationsjobseeker

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